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단 노리스 변호사

단 노리스 변호사의 업무는 의료소송을 비롯한 복잡한 소송, 개인상해소송, 비지니스 소송, 지적 재산권, 미디어, 인터넷, 엔터테인먼트 영역과 사회권익 소송 등에 초점이 맞춰져 있습니다. 그의 고객들은 개인상해 원고이며, 투자회사나 증권회사, 은행, 회계사, 영화, 텔레지번 및 음악회사, 연예인,인터넷 회사 및 주요 의료 제공자 등이 있습니다.

단 노리스 변호사는 평결을 내리기위해 배심원이 18명이 넘는 사건들 40개 이상을 심리했습니다. 그는 또 주법원과 연방법원에서 정기적인 항소를 해왔습니다.

전국 탑랭킹 5% 판사, 변호사들이 선정한 최고변호사

단 노리스 변호사 약력


1979 년 스탠포드 로스쿨 JD
1976 년 UCLA 대학교 학사


Hornorable Lawrence T. Lydick, 1979-1980 캘리포니아 중부 지구 관할 판사


캘리포니아 북부 지구
캘리포니아 남부 지구
캘리포니아 동부 지구
캘리포니아 중부 지구
제 9 순회 항소 법원
캘리포니아 주

Court Service

로스 앤젤레스 고등 법원 중재판사 / 중재자, 1993 – 2000.


Stanford Journal of International Law 편집자, 1978-79


Northeast Los Angeles Little League 공동 창립자

단 노리스 변호사의 다양한 변호 경력

  • Lead defense lawyer for medical providers in RICO case brought by California’s largest workers’ compensation insurer for $800 million in damages alleging the largest health care fraud in California history
  • Defense of patent action involving skin rejuvenation lotions
  • Handling 950 consolidated cases on behalf of a major private equity firm
  • Prosecution of RICO and antitrust claims against a group of insurance companies on behalf of major medical providers
  • Defense of a major steel company against claims brought by former high executives
  • Defense of a $100 million arbitration claim brought by an introducing broker against an investment banking firm
  • Serving as day-to-day lead and trial counsel in defense of an investment banking firm facing $500 million in claims
  • Defense of a major bank against claims of fraud and breach of contract
  • Representation of a well-known entertainment figure in a defamation case arising from publication of his autobiography
  • Representation of a major media company against a media buyer relative to $20 million in television advertising
  • Handling a complex RICO case brought by an Asian computer manufacturer
  • Defense of an internet gatekeeper company against copyright infringement claims
  • Prosecution of false advertising and trademark claims on behalf of an international health products company
  • Representation of a prominent entertainment figure against his business manager for claims of malfeasance
  • Defense of claims of design patent infringement on behalf of one of the world’s largest makers of sunglasses
  • Prosecution of claims by a major film studio against the largest media company in the Philippines
  • Prosecution of a copyright infringement action against the largest toy company in the world
  • Defense of an antitrust case brought by independent record companies against one of the three largest music companies in the world
  • Prosecution of a legal malpractice case on behalf of a securities brokerage firm
  • Defense of a ticket brokerage company against internet-related claims brought by the world’s largest ticket distribution company
  • Defense of orthopedic clinics against claims of securities and insurance fraud
  • Prosecution of a claim of tortious interference with the career of a professional golfer
  • Defense of business tort claims involving opera management companies
  • Defense of a major accounting firm against claims arising from the collapse of a precious metals dealer
  • Prosecution of RICO and fraud claims against a real estate developer concerning beach homes in Costa Rica
  • Plaintiff police misconduct and wrongful death actions
  • Workers’ compensation consolidations 

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